About Relative & Absolute Truth

Lately I’ve read an article, here on wp.com, in which the writer argues that Truth is absolute, but we aren’t.

What he was driving at was, it seems, that no religion is, nor should it claim, that it is the “right” one. Every relegion has at least something of the Truth, so all religions must respect each other.

Iagree with the idea of mutual respect among religions, but not with the theory leading to it, according to the writer.

I wrote him:

I like your model, that Truth is absolute, and we’re not. This image of “a bright star” we’re all gazing at, seeing only our relative bit is charming, and close to the truth, in my eyes.

“My friend describes it as all of us standing at different points around a bright star. We’re all looking at the same thing — and we’re all looking at only a limited part of the one thing — and we’re shouting out our findings to each other. “

I can relate, too, to the idea that all religions have a grain of the Truth in them.

But the fact that Truth is absolute and we’re relative, doesn’t necessarily mean, that  there is no one absolutely right religion, at least in theory.

Because it may be, just may be, that He who is Infinite, wishes for us limited and relative beings as we are, to relate and communicate with Him. And not only communicate, but become enlightened by Him and absorbed in Him.

It just may be that He created means for us to approach, to call upon Him, despite the immeasurable gap between us and Him.  Because He wished it.  

It may be that these means were given to those whom He chose.

You’d probably say that such a manner of thinking always lead and leads, to war and dispute. Indeed it would be much “nicer” to believe all religions are true. But we cain’t always get what we want, can we?

And it doesn’t have to be this way. War, I mean. If someone believes he has at least a hold, a hand-hold if not more, on the Absolute Truth, so long as he refrains from forcing his beliefs on others, or trying to “convert” them by force, what wrong is there in it?

If you’re convinced – well good for you. If not – enjoy life as you understand it.

Truth is absolute, therefore it is One, unique. So its quite logical that there would be only one right way. But I will not force my belief on you, nor even try to persuade you, perhaps.

But the absoluteness of Truth, and our relativity, doesn’t mean we have nothing to do with Absolute Truth.

It is true that such truth has to come to us through some kind of revelation, because our relatively makes it impossible for us to arrive at it on our own.

This is  what I’ve written the author.

What do you think?


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