Our True Self – Back to Tahnun

What a relief it is to begin again saying Tahnun in prayer…

From the beginning of Nissan we do not mention our own sins and confess them in prayer, because in holidays we think only positive and try not to look at what’s bad (plenty of time for that the rest of the year) – not even in ourselves.

And the whole of Nissan is like one long holiday. Two days of Rosh Hodesh Iyar (just passed), too.

But now that all this is over, going back to Tahnun and confession, I feel somehow relieved.

Because the pretention of being sinless saints can only last that much…at a certain one begins to feel slightly phony…  So, at last, we’re going back to our real selves.

Or is it the other way round?

Is it really awakening to truth, or just going back to sleep?


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