Temple Destroyed 2017?

There’s a Haza”l saying, a saying by our Sages, which goes:

Every generation in which the Temple is not built a new, is like a generation in which it is destroyed

Each and every year that the Temple is not yet rebuilt, we are told that we must feel such disappointment – just as if it was destroyed in front of our eyes.

This manner of thinking is a good way of making us feel the loss very vividly and start praying harder, so we can begin moving things in the right direction, with G-d’s help.

But there’s more to it than that.

These Three Weeks we are now in, the Beyn Hameytzarim period between 17th Tamuz and 9th Av, are weeks in which we morn the destruction of the Temples, and in which, every year, we’ve always experienced difficult times.

Between the Straits…

But we also know that no bad things descend from Him, from heaven. Because he is Light and he gives Light. It’s just our insufficient preparation in receiving that light, in the creation of a “vessel”  to hold that light, which causes the Light to become, heaven forbid,  Damned (ארור ➡️ אור).

And such days as we are in, are especially “lighted”, and will indeed, as is prophesied, become days of mirth and gaiety. And even now, each and every year, there comes a great potential Light; the same light which descended from heaven when we were to receive the Torah & its first Tables of Testimony, were we only true to our God and ourselves.

So this is potentially a time of construction, not destruction; a time more probable then others, to see the Temple rebuilt. And if, alas, it is not – the exasperation is that of losing the Temple – the one which should have been built!

But we must feel sorry, not despair. And all this leads, as the Jewish calendar shows us, to the hope of Repentance Days, which come right after Av, because repentance is our real preparation, for the Light of HaShem.




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