I’m Eran Solomon. I was born (1969) in Jerusalem and am a professional musician. But the Torah has become a part of my life, or my life itself, some 25 years ago.

I love teaching and sharing knowledge, so non-surprisingly I’ve begun teaching Torah as well. I give lessons every day, and Shabbat-Drashot, especially in some of the synagogues in my vicinity, which is the very special and lovely Jerusalem neighbourhood of Old Katamon.

Even more recently I’ve penetrated The Net also, with my Divrey Torah, and I feel the time has come at last to spread my words in English, too.

That’s the reason for this blog.

Hope you enjoy, follow, and pls pls comment.

I wish to give lessons, do a Limud on-line,too, on a one on one basis on Skype. So if you  LIKE what’s written here, and would like a direct meating for study with me – just drop me a line.

I teach the basics of Gemara, from a linguistic point of view, as well as Rashi on the Torah, and Jewish thought.

Try my fb page too, for more info.

Yours truly,



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